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ChrisHello there! I’m Christian, and thanks for visiting Bestbinauralbeats.org! I got into beats about ten years ago, and love how they calm my mind and change my moods. Sure, I tried some of the more “out there” doses, but truth be told, I love to imagine myself calm at a beach, or hovering above my body and swimming, some of the more interesting perceptions I’ve experienced while laying back with my headphones.

Binaural beats are the real thing, though if you’re a hard core skeptic and remain so while listing, the beats, they will do nothing … you have to immerse and sometimes mentally push yourself into the sounds. You need to be open and feel them altering your mood. Most importantly, have fun with them.

I hope you enjoy your time at my site, and feel free to ask me any questions on my contact page … and leave a comment or two on your experiences!




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