Why Would You Use Binaural Beats?


You've heard of binaural beats. Perhaps you know something about the mechanics behind the theory (listening to different tones in each ear to influence the brain). It all sounds very complex and maybe even a little new-agey. But what about the concrete uses of binaural beats? Why do people choose to use them in the … (more...)

What Is Brainwave Entrainment?

brain entrainment

Training your mind is nothing new. You did it in school. You may have done it on the football field or tennis court while you psyched yourself up to perform your best. You've probably trained your brain to awaken at approximately the same time each morning, remember upcoming events, or stay cool under pressure. So … (more...)

I-Doser: Are They For Real?


Psst...hey. Want to have a really mind-blowing experience? It's perfectly legal. And neither the wife nor the boss need know (though if they find out, they just might ask to borrow from your stash). How do we know? I-doser.com clued us in on the fun. Oh sure, there are others who can promise you a quick high, a … (more...)

How Binaural Beats Work

binaural beats in the brain

There is real science behind binaural beats. And it's fascinating! Here's the scoop on how this not-so-new technology works to create a better you. What Binaural Beats Are In easy terms, binaural beats are a series of sounds or tones that are played separately in each ear via headphones. They work by activating … (more...)