i-doser-logoPsst…hey. Want to have a really mind-blowing experience? It’s perfectly legal. And neither the wife nor the boss need know (though if they find out, they just might ask to borrow from your stash).

How do we know? I-doser.com clued us in on the fun. Oh sure, there are others who can promise you a quick high, a great sexual experience or even a 15-minute oneness-with-God. But i-doser can get it to you cheaply, completely…and right now. And it’s legitimate, safe and, according to clients, very, very effective.

Binaural Beats: The Safest High You’ll Ever Get?

idosergirlWhat is this over the top experience that won’t cost you your job or your marriage (and might even improve both)? It’s a binaural beat MP-3. And amazingly, anyone can experience it, legally and safely.

Binaural beats are a series of tones and “white noise” that play separately in each of your ears via headphones. Together, they synch your brain so that different areas are stimulated, producing an experience.

Note: We personally can not recommend binaural beats from any marketer to people with mental illness or who have any physical illness unless under a doctor’s supervision. Some people are susceptible to negative experiences when certain brain stimulation is applied. There is currently no research indicating binaural beats have dangerous side effects, but don’t drive, operate machinery or do anything strenuous for about an hour after using them, as your mind may be in a less focused state than normal.

I-Doser.com: Top Dog in the Binaural Beats Community

There are quite a few binaural beat marketers. At the top of the list is i-doser.com, a company that offers it all: dozens of binaural beats for different effects, a solid background, media coverage (and positive criticism) and even an internet forum so you can discuss the fun.

In fact, per the webpage, “(I-doser.com has) the largest line of binaurally enhanced CDs and MP3s mixed with ambient soundscapes that make for a perfect introduction to brainwave enhancement.”

That’s the buzz out on the (very legal) street. But does i-doser.com actually deliver?

The Experience

According to Vice Beta, LA Weekly and hundreds of other clients and critics, yes, i-doser.com does deliver — and then some. Clients of all ages, both sexes and varied walks of life have tried i-doser.com’s cool binaural beats experiences and report everything from spiritual to knockoff street drug experiences.

Here’s how it works: the user (pardon the phrase) downloads his or her binaural beats package of choice. She then sits back in a quiet, undisturbed area, puts on a pair of good-quality headphones and listens to up to 15 minutes of tones, white noise and cool sounds, such as weather noises, sighs and varied, often eclectic tones.

What You Get For Your Money

We’re happy to report that binaural beats purchased from the company at idoseraudio.com really are a cheap (but high-quality) high, running you from about $13 to $17 per package.

Packages include:

  • Recreational doses, including Marijuana, Cocaine, Peyote, Absinthe, Nitrous, Thornapple and more — even an “Overdose.”
  • Recreational oddities (said to be for advanced users), such as Poppers and Roofie.
  • “Prescription” doses with such names as Oxy, Vico, Klono and DHM.
  • Sexual doses: First Love, Pheromone, Climax; hardcore choices like Asphyxiation and more.
  • QuickHit doses, with sessions that last only 10 minutes.
  • Fictional doses based on viewers’ favorite video games and books.
  • Chakra or Sacred doses — pure spiritual ecstasy..
  • Sports doses.
  • Game Enhancers, to enhance video game players’ experiences.
  • Natural doses.
  • Sensory doses.

There are more individual doses, but this is the upshot. The choices look great and very varied.

Site Pluses

Here are a few goodies you can access on the website for free:

  • on-site community with a great list of forums for all applications
  • on-site newsletter
  • up to date blog
  • a research tab linking to actual prospecti
  • easy maneuverability; plain-English, easy explanations

The Website Setup

The setup of the site is very professional and organized, with a bit of a new-age, funky twist. Images are all pro. The site also includes reviews, the real science behind binaural beats, a blog and a forum community.

It’s easy to use and it’s very easy to find what you want.

An Now for the Buzzkill: Negatives of I-Doser.com

Buzzkill alert! There are downsides.

  • The instant downloads could be cheaper. The CDs ($13-20) are almost as much as the MP3s ($13-17). Sans plastic, we feel i-doser.com could come down on the instant downloads pricing a little. Still, it’s a good buy and won’t break the bank.
  • There are no guarantees. We don’t see a money-back option.
  • Binaural beats don’t work for everyone. That’s just pure science. Everyone responds to binaural beats differently. Many people get a great experience. Some receive a fairly good experience they feel is well worth the money. Then there are the few that don’t get anything out of binaural beats at all.
  • The official Guide costs money (roughly $13). We feel that should be free and should come with any dose package.

The Bottom Line

I-doser.com is no flash in the pan company, and binaural beats are not a pseudoscience. The company itself has a solid history and the beats are ambient, easy to listen to and a lot of fun. If this is your first try with binaural beats, we can definitely recommend them.

Check out I-Doser’s catalogue

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