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Apple AirPods Review: Almost Magical. Part 3

Apple AirPods Review: Almost Magical. Part 3

Call Quality

As weird as the little rods hanging from the ends of the AirPods look, they do serve an important purpose. Apple has placed a special voice accelerometer and dual mics in the rods to ensure your caller can hear you loud and clear. The voice accelerometer detects when you’re speaking, while the dual-mics amplify your voice while eliminating background noise. 

When I called my boyfriend on the way to my train, he said that he could hear a bit of traffic in the background. But to be fair, there was a fire truck passing by. Other than that, he reported loud, clear audio, which is what I heard on my end of the call.

Bottom Line

For $159, the AirPods offer a seamless, no-fuss setup for iOS devices, with a relatively hands-free way to access Siri. The Pods offer almost-instant connection with your iOS device, with 5 hours of battery life and an additional 24 hours via the handy-dandy charging case. And let’s not forget the impressive audio quality. If you’re strapped for cash, be sure to check out our best AirPods deals roundup. 

On the other hand, there’s still work to be done, starting with the design. While I cringe at a future in which people will have these weird rods hanging out from their ears, I know the Apple faithful will embrace and normalize the look. Design aside, I’m hoping Apple will add more tap-based commands instead of making users wait for Siri to launch. I’m also worried about losing either one of the AirPods or the charging case, and paying the $69 to replace each component.

Overall, though, the AirPods’ ease of use, strong audio quality and impressive endurance make them the wireless earbuds to beat going into 2017.