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How to bet correctly

How to bet correctly

When making bets better has to operate with a fairly large array of information. So those who try to keep everything in their heads are doomed to failure. Competent better certainly keep records. They need to start with the formulation and painting of goals, plans, strategies. So it is easier to adhere to established rules, when the whole picture is at hand, in plain sight.

In fact, the database can be kept in a notebook, or in electronic form. You need to record your bets, keep statistics on what can be done in various services. It is useful to have notes on specific teams (athletes), to update them in connection with new events. So before each match, the better does not need to shovel a lot of information. He just looks at his notes, refreshes memories, impressions from past games and proceeds to prediction of the future confrontation.

The problem of many newbies in betting is the thrust to spray, to put on everything. It often happens that on some day you really want to make bets, but there are no suitable events in that sport, in those leagues in which a person understands. The right decision would be to postpone bets and switch to another activity, wait for the time when good events will catch up. Football experts suddenly switch to hockey, tennis, boxing, eSports. It ends predictably, “plum”. Not for nothing the list of sports and leagues should be clearly regulated at the planning stage.

By the way, there is no contradiction with the previous advice. It is necessary to develop, expand the range of their competencies, but this implies a deepening of the topic, and then rates. In our example, the opposite is true, moves are made in those fields in which the player understands nothing. And this is a mistake, inevitably leading to failure.

You also need to find some reliable website for betting. If you have not found such an option yet, then you can try this one

Quality or quantity

A large share of newbies in betting believes that the more bets they make, the faster the million will win. Yes, the accelerated turnover of the bank with a positive trend leads to a more rapid increase in profits. However, it is necessary to hurry slowly, otherwise you can become the hero of another saying, one that makes people laugh. If you find 20 promising bets, this does not mean that you need to divide the bank into 20 parts and flirt them all. And if there are 50 or 100, then all the more. That is why the original plan is important. And under it you need to take the right amount of bets, choosing the most confident, and not just everything. In addition, it is not recommended to flirt the entire bank at a time. It is better to involve at once only no more than a quarter or a third of the resource. Let the remaining amount serve as an airbag in case of a collision with a losing lane. Also available funds will be useful for insurance rates in live.

As a result, the pursuit of a number of events and rates leads to dispersion, lowering the quality of forecasts, flirting, along with good, highly questionable bets. Naturally, this adversely affects the permeability of rates and the dynamics of the bank.

The highest ratio

Different bookmakers offer different odds for the same outcomes. This is due to discrepancies in the analysis, or with the size of the margin. Each better should make it a rule to put it where the coefficient is the largest. Of course, sampling takes place between those several offices where the player is registered. It is not necessary for the sake of inflated “Caff” immediately rush to register in questionable offices, which lure the public with elevated quotes. However, among the offers from reliable bookmakers should choose the most profitable. In the long run, the tenths and hundredths are summed up, and the player gains, or loses significant funds, only because of the difference in coefficients.