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PC games for the development of attentiveness

PC games for the development of attentiveness

Everyone knows the games of series “hidden objects.” They are loved for the opportunity to escape from problems at work, to practice observation and just relax. For older people, this is a fairly easy-to-learn game, but with an interesting plot and stories. And kids just love to play games.

For some reason, it is assumed that the games of the genre “Hidden objects” are created specifically for the female half of the players.

In this article, we will find out if this is true and try to consider various options

The statistics has the following information: the most ardent fans of the “hidden object” games are women aged 35 years. It is not surprising, because each game is like a detective novel. And what woman does not want to feel herself in the thick of bright events? No wonder that most of the heroines in the games are also women. Among children, such games are also popular. As a rule, educational games are the focus of attention – boys and girls are crazy about them. A list of such games can be found on this website

Such games can positively affect the attentiveness of children

How to determine which game best suits to your child? Below is the average classification, and how strongly your child is developed is up to you.

2-4 years

Simple and colorful games, with clear graphics. The size of the items to be searched should be large, and they themselves should be familiar to the child. The variant with your favorite cartoon characters is perfect, especially since games are being released on a variety of cartoons. Or search for fabulous book characters and develop a child’s fantasy.

5-7 years

The child will appreciate the game with the search for a variety of objects, of any size in several different options. The plot is important and will be perceived by the child as a fairy tale, which he will see and read himself. Perseverance inherent in this age will teach a child to achieve their goals, even if it is just a passing game.

8-12 years old

The child already understands what a computer game is, sometimes even better than you, so the quest games with a full storyline, but which influences the player, will suit fully. Let the game have both search and logical tasks and puzzles, you can choose a collector’s edition of the game with a good storyline, there is often a video passing a level, if the child will be difficult to handle.

When choosing, the variety of games of this genre will pleasantly surprise you. Read the description of each game, in order to understand this or that story to suit your child. Do not forget that games must be dosed. And try to play these addictive quest games of the “hidden objects” genre yourself.

The male half is most interested in scary games with the presence of scenes of violence

Despite the fact that there are men among the main characters, the male part of gamers prefers to observe the behavior of a young beauty in extreme situations (the gender of the heroine doesn’t bother them). Searches for items are popular among owners of various platforms, but personal computers are leading. Turnover is gaining mobile platforms on Android and iOS. And for Mac, “hidden objects” is the most popular genre, because Mac versions are released simultaneously with the PC version almost daily. Summing up, we can say that the developers are really aimed at the female audience, but after analyzing the comments and reviews of the games, you may be surprised to find that there are many men among avid players. It can be said that all those who are interested in adventure, detective stories and mystical incidents, regardless of age or gender, are interested in the “search”.