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Why Would You Use Binaural Beats?

You’ve heard of binaural beats. Perhaps you know something about the mechanics behind the theory (listening to different tones in each ear to influence the brain).

It all sounds very complex and maybe even a little new-agey. But what about the concrete uses of binaural beats? Why do people choose to use them in the first place?

The answer is: for anything and everything! If that isn’t satisfying enough, we’ve collected a list of various real-time, solid uses for binaural beats. Here are some of our favorite ways people use them to effect real changes.

  • Increased focus/staying on task. Some beats programs directly address focus and attention, allowing you to perform better on the job, complete a difficult project or just generally stay on task throughout your day. Students and researchers are a large portion of this category.
  • Mood elevation. Beats that work on the mood centers of your brain can, indeed, lift mood over time, allowing the individual to experience a happier, more satisfying life.
  • Enhanced creativity. Artists, writers, musicians, and seekers of all types enjoy creativity-enhancing binaural beat programs.
  • Spiritual experiences. Many of these beats address parts of the brain that allow one to connect with, if you will, “the divine.” This means different things to different people. For some, it may mean direct communion with their interpretation of God. For others, it can mean an opening of the consciousness.
  • Drugless highs.” This is a hugely popular category. Brainwave entrainment toward the experience of a “high” is definitely achievable with the right program – without the side effects and dangers of real drugs.
  • Weight loss. Anyone who’s tried a diet – or ten of them – knows that there must be more to the equation than “diet and exercise more!” Weight loss binaural beats tap into the area of your mind that allows you to actually believe you can achieve this goal, making the entire process easier.
  • Stress/anxiety reduction. Beats are famous for addressing stress, an issue so many of us experience in our daily lives. These programs train the brain to react better to stress and to feel a sense of calm.
  • Boosting memory. A better memory can come in handy under a variety of circumstances. Memory-boosting programs are popular among students, businesspeople and those who routinely engage in projects that require good recall.
  • Addiction help. It’s widely accepted among the medical community that addiction has a firm brain connection. Programs are available to address addiction, your reaction to certain substances and a lessening of the “pull” of addiction.
  • Pain relief. Binaural beats for pain relief run the gamut from menstrual cramps to headache and backache to difficult-to-diagnose pain, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromialgia.
  • Sports performance enhancement. Athletes have known this secret for years: focusing mentally on the game and on techniques can enhance physical performance. Beats for sports and other physical endeavors “trains” your brain to give instructions to your body, such as better speed, greater strength, better focus, etc.
  • Psychic abilities. Yes, there are programs for increasing one’s psychic abilities. These focus on broadening one’s perspective, increasing intuition and a better ability to pick up on sensory or psychic cues.
  • Enhanced sexual performance. As you can imagine, this category is quite popular. You might choose a program to help you perform longer, experience deeper feelings (both physically and spiritually) and/or to feel closer to your partner.

Where Do You Get These?

My two favorite sources for high quality beats are iDoser and The Unexplainable Store:

iDoser – They call their beats “doses” but the technique is the same. They like to promote their doses as “digital drugs”, which is a good explanation for how binaural beats affect your brain! Look for their special software, apps and mp3 packages. You can download free doses, and premium beats start at only $3.95.

The Unexplainable Store – This has more of a “new agey” look, and you can buy beats to help with astral projecton, lucid dreaming (which works, from my experience!), telepathy and viewing past lives … but also meditation aids, increased energy, sleep aids and tons more. Lots of free samples as well.

So Many Categories! Is it Snake Oil?

Can one basic premise – brain entrainment via binaural beats – really help produce such a variety of effects? Actually, because all of these desires originate in or are regulated by the brain, yes, the potential is there for brain entrainment to aid in all of them.

Scientists are learning more and more about the brain and how it engineers virtually everything we think or do. That sounds simple, but when it comes to a practice such as binaural beats, the possibilities are wide-open for newer and better applications.

If you’re curious, try them for yourself. A whole new life of fulfillment and excitement may be waiting for you right now. Explore, play, invent, create…and enjoy.